Abeni Aso-Oke

Donald Trump is leading the Republican Party into Armageddon right before our eyes. By Dr. Prince Wumi Akintide

Abeni Aso-Oke

Republicans are not just going to lose in 2024, they are losing in a landslide that would give control of both the Senate and the House to the Democrats for close to a decade.

“I want to be a part of the Conservative Group that get things done” is an open admission or confession by current Speaker Kevin McCarthy that there is a part of the conservative group or movement that doesn’t want anything done for America.

Abeni Aso-Oke

Above statement is a direct Quote from Kevin McCarthy.
I am not making it up.

Mr. McCarthy was initially going to shut down Government on the orders of Donald Trump who will then blame Joe Biden and the Democrats for the apocalyptic blunder but McCarthy had committed a huge error of judgment by taking orders from a habitual and delusional loser which is what Donald Trump has become over time, if you see what I see.

Abeni Aso-Oke

Whoever thought that America would ever fall into the hands of a narcissist like Donald Trump who cares about nobody else but himself and who is so delusional as to go buy a short gun in a pawn shop to demonstrate his total insensitivity to the campaign for Gun Control led by Patriots like Joe Biden, late Dianne Feinstein and Senators Murphy and Blumenthal of Connecticut.

Donald Trump is buying a gun at a time it has been proved beyond all shades of doubt that more American children die everyday and every year due to the lackluster Policy of the Republicans on Gun Control.

The NRA working in tandem with Republicans in Congress are to blame for the death of too many children in America.

Families and parents of those children know that for a fact and would not forget it when they go into those Polling Booths to cast their votes in November, 2024.

Donald Trump had gone to buy a gun for himself to indirectly incite and encourage his supporters to get ready for war and for blood to flow on the Streets of America, if he is convicted and sent to jail for stealing nuclear secrets with a goal to go auction them to make money for himself after leaving the White House.

That is something no other former President has been accused of in America.

President Jimmy Carter is marking his 99th birthday celebration today and the whole world is celebrating with him because he has become the gold standard on how to behave and act as an Ex-President by going all over the world building affordable Housing for poor people and leaving his footprints on the Sands of History. He is the polar opposite of Donald Trump who is planning to burn down the whole house if he cannot have his way.

The abominable and nefarious agenda being promoted by Donald Trump and the Republicans have blown up in their faces and will continue to blow up just like their Brigandage and vindictive and cantankerous and needless
Impeachment of Joe Biden for no reason at all, has again blown up on their faces leading to serious embarrassment and Chaos that would come back to hunt the Republicans for a long time to come.

The development is signaling a total blowout in the Polls for the Republicans in 2024 for those who can read between the lines.

I am convinced beyond any scintilla of doubt that Donald Trump is going to be disqualified by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the American Constitution when the push comes to shove.

The whole world is going to see him on television being led away in handcuffs after receiving his jail sentence just like is done to every American who is found guilty of committing a heinous crime like the those Donald Trump has committed back to back and time and again.

It has got to be so in a country where nobody is above or the Law and where the Law is no respecter of persons.

If you do the crime, you pay the price and do the time.

I am predicting that Donald Trump is going to withdraw his name from nomination at the eleventh hour, and if he doesn’t do that, and if he still wants to run for President from his Cell in the Prison, the Republicans would not only lose in 2024, they would be humiliated and disgraced in a landslide defeat that would enter into the Guinness Book of Records.

I am predicting that Donald Trump is going to plea- bargain when it becomes clear to him he has nowhere to hide and that he he has been caught redhanded with his hands in the cookie jar as most of his partners-in-crime begin to, one by one, bail out of his sinking Titanic when they clearly see the handwriting on the wall that the Emperor has been stripped naked in the market place. The evidences against Trump are so damning that only a foolish juror is going to let the habitual criminal walk away without being held accountable for once in his life.

He, Donald Trump has gotten with so much up till now. That leads me thinking that the Yorubas we’re thinking of Trump when they crafted the Yoruba adage which says what comes around.

There is no one created by God, that can escape the Judgment of God.

It might take a little while, but retribution and Nemesis are going to surely catch up with him.

Donald Trump is toast this time around and his “goose is cooked”

You can write this prediction down and put my name to it. All Republicans are doing is just try and blackmail Biden to distract from the criminalities of Donald Trump but their impeachment is based on manufactured evidence that would easily fail in any Court of Law.

Their attempt to equalize Trump and Joe Biden was as dumb as equating Light and Darkness.
Trump is an irredeemable crook, Biden is an honest man inside out.

I say to Republicans in Congress, “Bring it on” We are going to nail your Coffin. You are all a bunch of losers and comedians with no heart and no conscience. What they call facts in their articles of impeachment are all figments of their own imaginations and all lies upon lies.

I rest my case.

Dr. Prince Wumi Akintide writes from Oyemekun Terrace New York City

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Abeni Aso-Oke

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