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I told you so that Donald Trump stands disqualified from ever again running for President in America. By Dr. Prince Wumi Akintide

I told you so that Donald Trump stands disqualified from ever again running for President in America.

Abeni Aso-Oke

Abeni Aso-Oke

The American Constitution- the 8th Wonder of the World is not a Suicide Pact for Democracy as brilliantly articulated by Conservative and Republican Judge the great Michael Luttig who has not been intimidated or hypnotized by Donald Trump.

Harvard Professor of Constitutional Law and the best and the greatest authority on the subject based on all of my research on the subject, has amplified the same message in lucid language that is far beyond my pay grade as a novis in Law to second- guess.

Abeni Aso-Oke

I am not a Board-certified lawyer, but I am a law graduate of the University of the Street- the same University that the great Malcolm X and Revd. Al Sharpton had attended.

The two men were no alumni of Oxford or Harvard or Columbia or Yale. But when they speak, they speak with authority.

Every time I watch Al Sharpton speak in the Panel of experts assembled by Joe Scarborough and his wife Micah on their “Morning Joe” Talk Show Program, he speaks with eloquence and authority that never cease to amaze me. The man who used to be called a rabble rouser from Harlem in New York and who never saw the 4 walls of a University is now one of the most gifted orators in America who has delivered many more Funeral Eulogies than any inspirational Speakers I know in America.

His intelligence and gift of the garb has earned him a seat on Morning Joe as a political analyst and genius.

I am proud like Revd Al Sharpton to identify myself as a proud alumnus of the University of the Street.

Yes, I am proud of some of the Ivy League Universities I have attended in my Student days, but I am equally proud of my University of the Street which is far superior to the defunct Donald Trump University which had to be quickly liquidated and wiped out of surface of the Earth because it was a big fraud.

Donald Trump had to pay a fine of 25 million Dollars to New York State for running a fake University in New York.

The same Donald Trump is right now in Court fighting tooth and nail not to be forced to pay a minimum of 250 million Dollars in tax evasion and tax fraud he had committed against the State of New York as revealed by Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York as we speak.

I argued before in one of my articles that once Donald Trump is indicted, tried and found guilty and convicted, he is going to fall a victim of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the American Constitution and he is going to stand disqualified from ever running again for President In a country governed by the Rule of Law.

Now a Colorado Judge has already ruled that Donald Trump was guilty of sponsoring an insurrection against the United States on January 6, 2021, and that is all it takes to have him disqualified from ever running again for President based on a universal interpretation of the 14th Amendment. I encourage all of you reading this opinion to go read for yourself the 14th Amendment and you will surely come to the same conclusion.

The Colorado Judge who has correctly found the former President guilty of insurrection against America but now argues that the oath he had taken upon his becoming President in 2016 does not disqualify him from running for President again.

Come on. Give me a break. The second part of the Judge’s ruling is like a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

The Colorado Judge is wrong in law and common sense. The Judge is totally wrong in his interpretation of the Section 3 of the 14th Amendment Provision in the American Constitution.

If that ruling goes before an Appellate Court anywhere in the World, it would be dismissed as “non sequitor” and as arrant nonsense. When you are President anywhere in the World, you are a Public Servant number One who should be more obedient to the Constitution you have sworn to uphold. The crafters of the Constitution could never have exempted the President in their interpretation of that Provision in the Constitution.

Neither the Appeal Court nor the Supreme Court of the United States would ever agree with the Colorado Judge that the second segment of his ruling is sound and rational.

Donald Trump’s ambition or claim to want to run again would be invalidated and dismissed in a heartbeat by the Appeal or the Supreme Court.

Trump is only postponing the evil day and causing delay by appealing the ruling to the Appeal Court and ultimately to the Supreme Court as stated with clarity by Professor Laurence Tribe.

You can write it down. Donald Trump is going to be disqualified

Nick Haley must begin to view herself as one of the most credible candidates to emerge as the nominee of the Republican Party but she or any of the 4 candidates currently running in the Republican Primaries with her would be defeated in a landslide by Joe Biden in 2024.

It is the truth and not a Rocket Science left to me alone.

That is my prediction regardless of what the opinion polls may be saying today.

Republican Judge Michael Luttig and Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe are going to laugh last and laugh best because they have said it that Donald Trump’s goose is cooked and they are dead right in my opinion.

Donald Trump’s name ought not to appear on the Ballot Papers if he is found guilty and convicted. It is a foregone conclusion.

Dr. Prince Wumi Akintide writes from Oyemekun terrace New York City

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