Abeni Aso-Oke

My one-man Battalion Campaign to expunge the Electoral College Provision from the American Constitution is alive and well. By Dr. Prince Wumi Akintide

Abeni Aso-Oke

Much as I cherish the American Constitution as the gold standard and the 8th Wonder of the World, I am now convinced it has long become the Archilles foot of the American Presidential System.

Abeni Aso-Oke

No wonder that Nigeria my country which has plagiarized it,
has been wise enough to expunge that provision from her own adulterated version of the American Constitution.

The Nigerian Authorities have struck that provision out because they knew it would have led to Anarchy and a Revolution in Nigeria, if a candidate who has lost the popular vote by 7.5 million is disqualified from being sworn in because of the vote of some 570 handpicked amorphous sacred cows in the country.

Abeni Aso-Oke

I call the development the Hypocrisy of the American Presidential System.

Americans and Republicans in particular will never understand the absurdity of the Electoral College Provision until a Republican candidate loses the Electoral College but wins the popular vote by even one million or less.

It is then that Hell is going to break loose and you will hear lunatics and narcissists like Donald would crying wolf and shedding crocodile tears that the Electoral College was an absurdity that must go just like Mitch McConnell argued that Barrack Obama could not nominate Merrick Garland to fill a vacancy in the Supreme Court following the death of Justice O’Connor, more than one year before an election but the same McConnell had seen nothing wrong in Donald Trump rushing and adding 2 Republican-leaning judges to the Supreme Court within 6 months to give Republicans a 6-3 majority in the court by fire and by force?

It is now clear to me that if Donald Trump had won the popular vote by 3 million and had narrowly lost the Electoral College tally like Hillary Clinton had done in 2016, he would not have conceded defeat like Al Gore had done in 1996 and like Hillary Clinton had done in 2016 to make Donald Trump the first Mafia Boss and serial criminal to be elected President of the United States.

I submit that the American Constitution or Democracy has never been fully tested to see if it was sacrosanct and flawless, as we once thought, until the unconventional outlaw Donald Trump had showed up in the White House from 2016 to 2020 by default.

America and the whole World used to view Richard Nixon as the worst possible candidate ever to be elected President of the United States until Donald Trump came on board.

We now know that Richard Nixon was a Saint when in 1961, he had voluntarily and willingly conceded defeat to JFK who had defeated him by the narrowest margin in both the popular vote and at the Electoral College tally.

That was when America was still the America we all used to know.

It is a completely different America we now have today because of Donald Trump.

Richard Nixon had never refused to honor a Subpoena or openly encourage any of his partners- in-crime to disobey a subpoena.

Not once did Richard Nixon ever publicly pardon any of the close to 48 Americans co- conspirators who were all sent to jail because of him like Donald Trump is doing today by openly poisoning the Jury Pool and openly urging his supporters to go on rampage and to take power by force like he he had done on January 6, 2021.

In some other countries Donald Trump would have been put behind bars by now for sponsoring a coup and he would have been banned from participating in politics as mandated by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the American Constitution.

Richard Nixon did not do any of that.

Once he was allowed to tender his resignation from the Presidency, rather than go to jail, he simply left the White House in total disgrace and ignominy to fly for the last time in the US Air Force One to his home in Yorbalanda in California and never again to show his ugly face in Public like Donald Trump has continued to do today by behaving as if he had never left office.

If Joe Biden was a less matured leader and a less experienced President, he would have been embarrassed so many times by a shameless outlaw who continues to behave against protocol to call himself the legitimate President even though he knew he lost and he was told he lost but he would not take a no for an answer till now.

Richard Nixon did not shoplift or steal Nuclear Secrets and classified documents of Government to be stored in his own private home not only in South Florida but also in Bedminster in New Jersey.

Richard Nixon did not attempt to break up NATO or to openly embrace a Communist Dictator Vladimir Putin or to openly appoint his daughter and her husband into top positions in Government.

Donald Trump had broken all the rules of decency by continuing to lie that he had not done anything wrong and that every step taken against him was a witch-hunt by his political enemies.

Even when he was twice charged for defamation of character by a private citizen and for attempting to bribe a model he has had affairs with, he still continues to claim it was a witch- hunt.

Donald Trump was caught red handed making a telephone call to the Georgian Secretary of State to rig the election for him.

He still refused to admit he was wrong. He still insisted it was a witch-hunt.

He still continued to insist that he has not crossed the line drawn by Section 3 of the 14 Amendment of the American Constitution, even though legal experts and juggernauts like Judge Luttig and Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe had argued that he had disqualified himself from ever again running for President.

He openly confessed in a TV interview that he was personally responsible for all the decisions and all the crimes he had committed out of his own free will and not because of any advice from any of his Counsels.

He had done something no accused or litigant has ever done in America to his Counsel by refusing to pay their legal fees but he chose to arrange fund raising for Guilliani instead of paying him his legal fees.

He has broken all the rules of the game and he has become the first nominee of a major Party in America to be twice- impeached and 4 or 5 times criminally indicted but he is still going around telling the whole World he is going to win not thru the popular vote based on one-man- one- vote but thru the Abracadabra of the Electoral College which has vested the power to elect President in the 570 handpicked electors while setting aside the verdict of 150 to 200 million
Americans who are registered to vote in that Election.

Whoever is still telling you that the Electoral College provision in the American Constitution is not a fraud is simply lying to you.

The Electoral College Contraption has long outlived it’s usefulness and should be expunged from the American Constitution leaving intact the precept of one- man-one-vote guaranteed by the Popular Vote which is the foundation pillar of a true Democracy.

I rest my case.

By Dr. Prince Wumi Akintide writes from New York

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