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The illusion of Mr Ikantu Peretei, the PDP spokesman remains visible in his ill-conceived piece under the title ‘How Lucky Will Be Lucky, Come November’. That he even felt such bland piece should go in series tells of his joblessness, carelessness and gross ineptitude. That he felt his voice would be heard only when he lashed on a man who’s not competing to take second position from his candidate shows so much misdirection on his part. You will agree with me that it’s a sort of political elevation if Hon Agboola Ajayi, the PDP candidate, slips from distant third, his current status, to a second position in November. I can even arrange to kill a cow to celebrate such political lifting that could be paraded till the end of time.

However, Peretei lied ‘rẹpẹtẹ’ in his baseless comparison. A man who claimed that Governor Aiyedatiwa is a toothless bulldog with no political value also agrees that several groups started pledging loyalty and trying to undo themselves as he sought to be the candidate of his party. That Peretei even called those supposedly undoing themselves to win the heart of Governor Aiyedatiwa ‘faceless groups’ is another reason to check his pulse.

Abeni Aso-Oke

For the records, it is the decision of Governor Aiyedatiwa to respect all opponents struggling to take his job come 16th November this year. This decision holds significant lessons especially for young people who may be tempted to see politics as do or die affair. The Governor doesn’t see anyone as a power grabber nor does he begrudge the legitimate aspiration of anyone to lead the people of Ondo state in whatever capacity as afforded by our democracy.

Governor Aiyedatiwa has set a template for responsible and respectful politicking in the state. That’s laudable. What more can anyone ask for in a 21st century leader? No bad blood. No bitterness. Since the people of Ondo state will eventually choose who they want, the godly confidence of Governor Aiyedatiwa is enough to confuse Peretei, the spokesman of the PDP or anyone intimidated by the towering acceptance enjoyed by Governor Aiyedatiwa.

As much as I consider it unprofitable and needless to compare the candidate of the PDP who’s eternally a brother and friend to Governor Aiyedatiwa, it is important to notify Mr Peretei that his comparison of the duo will be incomplete without recourse to certain qualities he deliberately omitted. Let Peretei be audacious enough to put both of them side by side on the wheel of intelligence, thoughtfulness, exposure, finesse, quality education, ability to communicate and command respect among comity of states. Let him do a thorough analysis of their acumen, their worldviews, character and even physical appearances.

The days ahead are filled with joy that no hatred can thwart. There is no competition in destiny. While Governor Aiyedatiwa is seeking to extend his tenure beyond 2025, he is already the 7th Civilian Governor of Ondo State today by the grace of God and the doggedness of the people of Ondo state. Aiyedatiwa is loved by the traditional institutions that even sceptre and crowns endorsed him openly as their own candidate. He enjoys the unwavering support of the civil servants who he has given enabling environment to thrive, market women, students, youths and the aged. The people of Ondo state who Peretei called faceless groups are solidly behind their Governor for purposeful leadership beyond 2025.

It is instructive to remind all who are in the delusional shoes of Peretei that Governor Aiyedatiwa is loved not because he’s the incumbent. He’s an idea birthed by God Himself and radiating in his time. There is no charm against fate. Peretei shouldn’t be worried that his own names magnet ‘irọ rẹpẹtẹ’ while that of Governor Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa works wonders for him. Even Dr Umar Ganduje, the APC National Chairman called him a very lucky man. Beyond luck, Peretei didn’t know with these signs that Governor Lucky is divinely favoured?

As we approach November, we must be mindful of our utterances. The plebiscite will be decided by the people of Ondo state who have already taken a position. May Ondo State continue to be Lucky and grow under the leadership of Governor Aiyedatiwa.


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Abeni Aso-Oke

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