Abeni Aso-Oke

Re-Bukar Abba Ibrahim: The man who touched my life, by Hassan Gimba (Readers’ reactions)

Abeni Aso-Oke

Salaamu alaykum. I saw your tribute to late Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim, may Allah (SWT) grant him mercies with jannatul firdaus. I read it today and was touched by your powerful pen.

Your late father, Sulaiman Gimba Ahmed, was a humble and quiet person who worked with me in 1979 while I was Commissioner of Agriculture during Governor Muhammadu Goni’s administration. ⁠He was in charge of the Borno State Water Board under my ministry. (He was acting Perm Sec and at the same time first GM of the state water board). And that is why I asked for your number to call you. May Allah grant him jannatul firdaus.

Abeni Aso-Oke

HRH Ahmad Tijjani ibn Saleh, Emir of Ngazargamu


Abeni Aso-Oke

May Allah have mercy on his soul and admit him into Jannah. He was truly a man of reputable character whom the masses always had access to; he had touched the lives of many, he will be remembered for his legacies.

Abdulraheem Adamu Bappa

Great piece Dr. Hassan Gimba

Yusuf Ali

Allah Ya masa rahama,

Mohammed Kukuri

Can the rest emulate him? I wish him aljannah fiddausi. This is indeed a loss to us!! May Allah have mercy on his soul.

Inuwa Mbaya

Story after death! They are the ones who did not support our state growing up like other states. My reason is that he was the one who brought more traditional rulers after we had a good traditional ruler in the Emir of Fika. Today everybody is a sarki by force; no respect. To me they should bring all the local sarkis down to Hakimi and leave only the Fika Emirate alone, it will be better for Yobe State.

Suleman Jibir

Inna lilLahi wa inna ilaihir rajiun! Am constrained to respond to this primitive ethno – centric and tribal jingoist living in post colonial Nigeria. From all indications, Jibir is a person of below average IQ whom we unfortunately have to tolerate.

If he had ever gone through post primary school at all, the education and enlightenment expected to have gone through him was nil. In these days of Fundamental Human Rights, even the villagers living around the GEJI are more enlightened, sensitive and sensible than him.

My only advice to Jibir, the dark goggled man, is to invite King Charles of England to Nigeria, nay, all Commonwealth Group of Nations and relive the colonisation experience, or in the alternative let him visit the psychiatrists for guidance.

May Allah (SWT) in His infinite Mercies forgive all the deceased’s iniquities and confirm Aljannat Firdaus as his final abode. We have lost a rare gem of a State Chief Executive, a primus inter pares amongst Yobe Governors. A man who restored the dignity of the peoples and righted the unforgettable and unforgivable injustice wrecked on Yobeans by colonial Britain. May his gentle soul continue to rest in peace.

Ali Wakili

Asking if Adamu Maina Waziri would be a good governor showed his concern for the people and that made him ask, knowing fully well you will answer him truthfully. May Allah continue to grant him eternal rest.

Aliyu Isah Bakari

Nobody can doubt what you have written, sir. Bukar was known for his humility. He persuaded a lot of people into his fold by his exceptional political skills. He was a simple, kind and gentle person. I could remember how he politely managed the fierce opposition from his political rival’s zone. I was a fan of Adamu Maina Waziri throughout Bukar’s tenure, though. Bukar was one of the politicians I hated at that time. But, I finally went to university through his initiatives. In fact I benefited from a lot of his programs. May the soul of Bukar Abba Ibrahim continue to rest in peace. We are patiently waiting for the next volume of the piece. JazakalLahu khairan.

Mohammed Inga Jajere

Thanks for the update. Please what was your answer to Bukar Abba Ibrahim FNIQS?

AbdulRasheed Gidado

Check the second edition for the answer. – Hassan Gimba


I really enjoyed this article. I also heard so many stories of his humility and humbleness. I am very eager to read the second part.

Baba Goni Mustapha

I too am following.

Fananmi Mamman

I first met QS Bukar Abba Ibrahim (Bukar Fulata as he was known in Gombe) when he was working in the Musa Usman Secretariat, Maiduguri, as a civil servant in the Borno State Ministry of Works through my late in-law who was an Electrical Technologist in the same Ministry.

We were in Maiduguri when the then Military Governor, Major Abdulmumini Aminu from Katsina State appointed him as Commissioner for Works/Housing during the IBB years.

I did not hear much about him owing to my in-law’s demise and my relocation from Yerwa until I learnt in the news that Bukar Abba Ibrahim was elected as the first Civilian Governor of Yobe State during the dual-party NRC/SDP era.

Thereafter, there was another break with him especially after leaving office until he was in the news again in 1999 as Executive Governor of Yobe for the second time.

Amongst the variables for my admiration of him in later years was his marriage to Khadijah (a very modest lady), who is the daughter of the highly respected late Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim and whom I met several times in Lagos in the late 80s. May Allah admit both Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim and Alhaji Bukar Abba Ibrahim into Aljannat Firdausi.

Alhaji Ajiya Gombe

He was indeed considerate and generous too. I had the privilege of meeting him in 2004 while on a study tour as a Major undergoing the senior command and staff course, Jaji. He hosted us very well in Damaturu during the tour. May Allah forgive and grant him Aljannat Firdausi.

Major General (rtd) Mormoni Bashir

Hassan Gimba is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Neptune Prime.

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Abeni Aso-Oke

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