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Stop ceding of Erinmo Mountain to Ekiti State, group urges Osun govt. By John Dike

Abeni Aso-Oke

Erinmo-Ijesa Diaspora Heritage (EIDH) has called on Osun State government to intervene on the alleged plans by the Children and family members of Late Prophet Odeyemi Joseph Bojesomo to cede Erinmo Mountain in Erinmo-Ijesa, Oriade local Government to Efon Alaye, a community in Ekiti State.

EIDH said any attempt to achieve this would be resisted as the said maintenance is one of their heritages.

Abeni Aso-Oke

In a statement issued by Erinmo-Ijesa Diaspora Heritage and signed by its Chairman, Barr. Jonathan Omosebi and made available to journalists in Osogbo, Osun State.

Erinmo Ijesa Diaspora Heritage (EIDH) is an association of Erinmo-Ijesa indigenes living in diaspora with members across Europe, The Americas, and other continents.

Abeni Aso-Oke

Reacting, EIDH said the action of the Children and family of Bojesomo to transfer ownership of the mountain to themselves is unacceptable.

“The attention of Erinmo-Ijesa Diaspora Heritage (EIDH) has been drawn to a dubious attempt to transfer the ownership the famous Ori-Oke Erinmo to Efon Alaye by the Children and family members of a certain Late Prophet Odeyemi Joseph Bojesomo until the time of his death oversees the administration of the famous Ori-Oke Erinmo.

“We came across documents in the public space announcing the funeral programme wherein the world-famous Ori-Oke Erinmo was referred to as Ori-Oke Efon Alaye via Erinmo and their intent to bury the late Baba Bojesomo on the mountain.

“The association is duly Incorporated in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), and well recognised as a reputable association by the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM).

“Our association is empowered to facilitate the integration of its members, promote peaceful coexistence of the people of Erinmo-Ijesa and her neighbouring communities while working towards the socio-economic growth and development of the community.

“Erinmo Ijesa is an ancient town in Oriade Local Government Area of Osun State, Erinmo is famous and regarded as a ‘Spiritual Jerusalem’ of some sort because of the spiritual power and potency present at the mountain – Ori-Oke Erinmo.

“This mountain is often visited by people from across Nigeria and beyond for the purpose of prayers and pilgrimage and many testimonies abound of answered prayers from the mountain, which is testament to the spiritual potency of the mountain.

“Everyone who knows Erinmo and even those who are yet to visit the community have heard of the famous Ori- Oke Erinmo notable for spiritual potency. While Efon Alaye in Ekiti State is a border town to Erinmo Ijesa.

“Efon Alaye is the town where the late Baba Bajesomo hailed from, he has managed the affairs of the Ori-Oke without any rancour with the host community until his recent demise.

“Our Demands:
Erinmo-Ijesa Diaspora Heritage (EIDH) sees this action of the Children and family of Bojesomo as an attempt to confer ownership of the mountain to themselves which is totally unacceptable.

“We unequivocally states the following:
That the Ori Oke was named Ori Oke Agbara Emi mimo from the time of its establishment and that it never been named or called Ori Oke Efon Alaye via Erinmo as falsely described by The Bajesomo family. That the Ori Oke is situates in Erinmo Ijesa, Osun State Not Efon Alaye.

“The Ori Oke was established by Erinmo indigenes and there has been other people who has been in charge of Ori-Oke before late prophet Bojesomo.

“We call on the Children of the Late Baba Bajesomo to forthwith desist and cancel any plan on the interment of their late father on the mountain. The mountain is a place of prayer and worship to God Almighty and it is consecrated for that purpose only.

“Also noting that Ori-Oke Erinmo is an historical asset and heritage of the people of Erinmo Ijesa and not a property of any individual or family, therefore cannot be turned to a burial site by anyone and for anyone.

“We demand that amendments be made on the Funeral programme earlier released, with the accurate description of the revered mountain to Ori-Oke Erinmo and its Location as Erinmo Ijesa, Osun State.

“In conclusion, we seek the timely intervention of the government of Osun State to prevent the ceding of Erinmo Mountain in Erinmo Ijesa, Oriade Local government of Osun State to Efon Alaye a community in Ekiti State; We also call on the security and other relevant government agencies to be observant and ensure nothing untoward is done to threaten the peace and tranquillity of the people of Erinmo Ijesa and visitors to the famous Ori-Oke Erinmo.”

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Abeni Aso-Oke

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