Abeni Aso-Oke

The right to self- determination is sacred and should be universal for it to have any meaning at all to every nation be It Israel or Palestine. By Dr. Prince Wumi Akintide

Abeni Aso-Oke

I want to emphasize in talking about the Israeli/Palestine stalemate that War between the two factions is not the best solution.

War is only going to destroy more lives and properties on both sides of the isle and multiply or escalate the cost of Peace and Negotiation which are what ultimately end bitter confrontation and conflict from time immemorial.

Abeni Aso-Oke

I can tell you that as a certified and trained Historian and a product of the great Obafemi Awolowo University of Nigeria and a member of the class 1963 who graduated in 1966.

It was how the First and the Second World Wars had started and ended and that is how the upcoming Third World War is also going to end, believe it or not.

Abeni Aso-Oke

Mention any War anywhere in the world including our own Kiriji or Jalumi or Ogedengbe Agbogungboro or Fabunmi Oke Imesi War in the Yoruba Enclave or the Biafran War not to talk of all those European Wars or the War for Independence between America and the UK or the War between America and Japan or between America and Vietnam which have ended with the two warring factions coming to their senses and agreeing to talk and to make peace.

If we ever learn anything from History, it is the fact that fighting a War is never a good antidote or resolution to any conflict but more often that not, it is a necessary evil that sometimes need to take place before wiser Counsel begin to emerge and prevail between the two warring factions especially when the Vanquished nations in that War begin to see reason to cut their losses before they are wiped out from the surface of the Earth.

If the two warring factions do not come to their senses and settle for peace, they might begin to lose the support of the third parties who have been funding or supporting them in the past.

Those supporting nations often get tired and they start urging both sides to make peace and quit fighting.

A good example was Egypt and her President Gamel Abdel Nasser after the Arab Coalition Forces led by Egypt had lost the 6 Days War to Israel 50 years ago.

That was the point that the Egyptians led by Anwar Sadat came to their senses and they decided it was time for Egypt to make peace with Israel and to cease to be the one bearing the brunt of the War by persistently leading the Arab Coalition Forces against Israel.

Once that happened, the Arab Coalition Forces had to grudgingly settle for peace following the initiative of President Jimmy Carter to stake his entire Presidency from 1976 to 1980 on ending the War by arranging the Camp David Accord in the United States which kept the peace for 35 years without a break.

If Hamas Terrorist Group could learn something from that Peace Initiative and if the Natanyahu-led Government of Israel could learn something from the same peace initiative, they should have realized that the Israeli plan to wipe out Hamas to the last man, was a pipe dream that cannot be fully realized or achieved

Why? Because Hamas is part and parcel of the Palestinian Nation which cannot be fully or totally wiped out from the surface of the Earth pretty much like Adolf Hitler who had put more than 6 million Jews into the Gas Chamber but still ended being the greatest loser because one way or the other the Israeli Nation had found some ways to survive and to outlive Adolf Hitler till now.

The Palestinians are predictably going to survive Natanyahu and his plan to wipe out the Palestinian Nation to save Israel from constant provocation and attack.


Because as of today no less than 20 percent of the total population of Israel are the same Palestinians that Natanyahu is threatening to wipe out just like that because he was terribly upset by the latest attack by Hamas.

It is not going to happen.

If the Israeli Government would be wise to remove the Concentration Camp they had imposed on Gaza and West Bank and Golan Heights for the Palestinians, we may not be having the confrontation we are having now, sad to say.

The decision to root out Hamas and Palestinians from Gaza is going to end in a Genocide that cannot be supported or sustained for far too long by World Public opinion.

Sooner or later even America which is now openly and rightly supporting Israel is going to get tired and will begin to urge Israel to go back to the 2 State solution which has been on the score card for years.

It is the ultimate solution in my opinion for Israeli and Palestine to consider and embrace.

Hamas is wrong to call for the total extermination of Israel. It is a dog dream.

That is not going to happen because the tiny State of Israel is the United States in the Middle East.

Hamas would have to beat America to have any chance of defeating Israel, take it or leave it.

That is the bitter truth that Palestinians don’t want to hear.

America is not going to allow Hamas or the Palestinians to ever defeat Israel which already own and control more than 200 Nuclear War Heads they too cannot use against the Palestinians without irredeemably hurting their own country.

By the same token, Israel is never going to be able to wipe out Palestinians from the surface of the Earth despite their futile threat to do so.

If what I am saying is indeed the case, why must the two warring factions not settle for peace now and allow sleeping dogs to lie?

It is high time for the two sides to embrace Peace and for Israel to do what they do best.

Protect their country by not allowing Intelligence Failure to occur or arise like it did 10 days ago during the Yom Kippur religious Festival when they least expected such an attack from Hamas.

Prevention would have been better than cure for Israel but they regrettably failed to do that under the radical Natanyahu who would have no choice than to quit after this horrible war is over and done with.

The Palestinians must do the same for the area controlled by them just like other countries of the World do for their countries.

But for serious Intelligence Failure, the situation we have today in Gaza, West Bank, Ashdodd and Golan Heights would not have occurred, and the carnage we all saw on television would not have occurred at a scale we all saw on television

A fragile Peace is still better than an all-out War Is my point

If you cannot be a mountain you can be a molten Hill once said Ogbuefi Nnamdi Azikiwe.

The erudite journalist was right just like Winston Churchill also said that to jaw-jaw is better than to war-war.

Who in his right senses, can disagree with that.

Making peace is the only way out for both Israel and Palestine.

Dr. Prince Wumi Akintide writes from Oyemekun Terrace New York City

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