Abeni Aso-Oke

Like Father like Sons and Daughters . Donald Trump and his children have proved they are birds of the same feather. By Dr. Prince Wumi Akintide


Abeni Aso-Oke

The new Al Capone or the new Gambino Crime Family in America have their eyes fixed on going back to the White House in 2024 as a reward for their crimes, but all indications are showing that they are all on a fast lane to going to jail rather than going one more time to the People’s House at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue at the Nation’s Capital.

Abeni Aso-Oke

Their Father has been found guilty of raping a woman and defaming the same woman by lying and claiming he has never met the woman.

He is being ordered by the Court to pay the woman a fine of 5 million Dollars which could double down to 10 million and Donald Trump has kept on repeating the same defamation, time and again thereby running the Risk of paying quadruple that amount if he does not stop defaming the woman.

Abeni Aso-Oke

Donald Trump, the father, has also been indicted for manipulating his Business Records in New York while reportedly committing tax evasion and multiple tax fraud against New York State, running into millions of Dollars.

It is an offense that could bar his Real Estate Conglomerate in New to to lose their license to operate in New York where he is bound to lose a fortune. New York Attorney
General Letitia James has gotten Donald Trump where it mattered the most, his wallet.

Same Donald Trump has been charged for shoplifting and getting caught for stealing top secret materials and Nuclear Documents from the White House and illegally taking them down to his Mar-A-Lago Golf Course Casino and Club House in South Florida.

The same Donald Trump has been twice impeached and 5 times indicted for sponsoring a failed Coup to take over power by force by encouraging his supporters to attack the Capitol with a view to stealing an Election he clearly lost to Joe Biden on November, 2020.

He is known to have openly promised to end Democracy in America, if he wins in 2024.

He, Donald Trump, has also promised to be his supporters retribution because he is going to take his pound of flesh and reek vengeance on all of his political enemies by sending the FBI after them and by weaponizing the DOJ to put all of his enemies in jail if he is ever re-elected President again. That is precisely why he would never again get back to the White House but he doesn’t know it yet, but that will soon dawn on him and crazy supporters nationwide, Trust me.

The outlaw President has dismissed with the wave of the hand any attempt to hold him accountable in a country governed by the Rule of Law and where the Law is no respecter of persons and where no man is presumed to be above the Law, but where any accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

He has also falsely attributed all of those indictments to bring him to justice and to hold him accountable as nothing more than Election Interference and political witch-hunt, left to him alone.

He had said, a few years ago, that If he had shot a man in broad daylight on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, he knew that he would have walked away free without suffering any consequence but his supporters would never abandon him, come rain or shine.

He was that sure and arrogant that nothing was going to happen to him, but he now knows better as reality has begun to down on him in all of his Court appearances where he is now treated like a common criminal.

His son, Donald Junior, is another narcissist like his father. He is not too different in my own opinion from his father.

He is like a fool who thinks he is smarter than the rest of us, but he is really an empty barrel like his father.

He, foolishly, argues he should not be held accountable or charged for the crimes of his tax preparers who prepare the tax statements of his fathers Business which was placed in trust to him while his father was busy running the country as President of the United States, although we all now know it was a lie fosted on the whole nation that Donald Trump did not at any time stop running his Business Empire.

It is true that Donald Trump had previously announced that his two sons and his daughter, Ivanca were going to be the ones running his Company.

Yes, they were in charge but their father was still the one running the Company from the White House.

Donald Junior had lied under oath when he threw their company Accountants under the bus by telling the Judge, he only signed the statements prepared for him without knowing in any detail what was in the statement.

He had simply put his signature to the statement without knowing what it contained.

He merely put his own signature to what they wrote, but he must not be the one to be held accountable for any fraudulent claims and forgeries and false statements found by the prosecutors in the statements. He could go tell to the Mountains and not to the razor- blade sharp who cannot be fooled or taken for a ride.

He argued that he should not be held responsible for any flaws or deliberate manipulations in that accounting statement because he has paid the accountants thousands of Dollars to do what they did, and therefore he should not be held responsible or accountable for their mistakes or crimes.

He then concluded he should therefore be left off the hook and be allowed to go home scot-free and all the blame should be placed on the accountants. Can you believe that?

As for Donald Trump’s favorite daughter, Ivanca, her own excuse is that she cannot recall the answer to most of the questions she was asked in the witness box under oath.

She had lied pretty much like her father and her two brothers, Donald Junior and Eric. They are all birds of the same feather.

But when they confront her and present her with several documents she herself has dated and signed with her own hands she quibbled and she got nervous and downcast for being caught in many of her lies under oath in the witness box.

Nemesis and Karma would appear to have caught up with Donald Trump and his children, as they are all on their way to being found guilty and convicted for most if not all of the civil and criminal cases they currently face in both State and Federal Jurisdictions.

Time is of the essence. Donald Trump’s only excuse is to use delay and more delaying tactics so as to hide under the Statue of Limitations to get himself and his co-conspirators and partners-in -crime off the hook because they all know they are as guilty as Hell, and there is no wayout for them.

They have committed their crimes and they are going to pay the price and be held accountable for all of their multiple crimes.

I rest my case.

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Abeni Aso-Oke

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