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Renaissance Group Coordinator, Chief Adeyemi Decries Absence of Checks and Balance in Ondo Governance. By Olawale Lamina

Chief Odomode Adeyemi Opemipo LaCrown, PhD
Abeni Aso-Oke

The national coordinator, Ondo State Renaissance Group, Chief Odomode Adeyemi Opemipo LaCrown, (PhD) has described the state of affairs in governance of the state as one that is bereft of checks and balances, just as the state is currently in a stand still.

He carpeted those individuals appointed into political offices now operating as cabals in the cabinet led by governor Rotimi Akeredolu, noting that some of the appointees weree out to test their powers over the elected officials.

Abeni Aso-Oke

Chief Opemipo observed with concern that the unexpected sickness of Governor Akeredolu and coupled with his inability to hand over power to his deputy had resulted in a calamity with attendant leadership deficit in the state.

The renaissance group coordinator noted that the leadership vacuum created in the state would have been unnecessary if everyone involved had been allowed the opportunity to play by the rules.

Abeni Aso-Oke

Opemipo querried what motivated the unruly behavior of those he described as Aketi ( the governor’s) inner circle, just as a few of them had indicated their interest in his position.

He noted that what played out was nothing but an indication that the so called cabal in Akeredolu’s cabinet had the opportunity and were plotting, waiting for what they had been conspiring to do since the ill-health of their principal became noticeable.

On allegation of absence of checks and balance, Opemipo noted that the state started getting worse “when one can not even separate the legislative arm from the executive arm of the government. The other day, the speaker, Mr Olamide Oladiji and a few of his colleagues were acting like educated illiterates, when he spoke on their behalf by threatening the people over the agitation of the illegitimate and kangaroo LCDA that the Aketi cabinet wrongfully put together. ”

He lamented the fact that the governor is terribly sick, while citizens of the state remained in the dark about his true state of his health.

He also accused the governor’s wife, Betty Anyanwu, for being unnecessarily saddled with one program or the other in the state.
The group’s coordnator said that, “She spent a whole month conducting the skill and acquisition program for women and recently been involved in the FOWOSO Summit.

“When will all these shenanigans stop? Perhaps the most gratifying feature in the whole Ondo State drama is the absence of anything even bordering on bickering, greed for office, and points of order.”

He noted with grave concern that political actors in the state were out to outsmart the other to the detriment of the social and political development of the people, even ad aides and advisers were allegedly in competition with the cabinet members.

On the latest development about the governor’s alleged impersonation and signature forgery, made public by Mr. Kayode Ajulo, SAN, he expressed displeasure over the matter where another aide of the governor was shamelessly asking for evidence.

He said that while the drama was going on, “It’s a pity that the people of Ondo state failed to realize that power actually rest with them, yet continue to suffer the greed of these unscrupulous and insensitive politicians that presently litter the state in the name of party politics.”

But he xharged the successful and concerned participating constituents of the state to demonstrate a genuine interest in the people and disregard those he described as mis-leaders, who were out to destroy the legacy of Aketi in his first term of office by infiltration and sabotage.

In conclusion, Opemipo asked rethorically, “When will the people realize their voices and go to the streets and shout enough is enough? Adding that, ” Akeredolu should resume his office work, hand over power to his deputy, or resign voluntarily.”

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Abeni Aso-Oke

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